The Studio

Our studio is equipped with custom built Crookwood desk with M/S with simple analogue and digital signal paths. All wiring are made using Mogami and Van Den Hul cables.

Room was accurately and carefully isolated and treated to achieve high level acoustic standard. Custom made Bass traps, Helmholtz traps, special front wall and floor surface material give well controlled modal distribution and prevent from flutter echos (more in People). Specially built mastering racks give comfortable place to listen and work with our clients. Studio is situated in Central part of Warsaw at Konstytucji Square well known for its very good urban communication and diversity of places to see. Around the Square you can find a wide variety of restaurants from polish, czech, italian to more exotic ones like thai, indian and japan cuisine. Moreover MDM Hotel is situated in the heart of the Konstytucji Square giving comfortable accomodation few steps from our mastering studio.

Our outboard equipment includes:

• Weiss EQ-1 Dyn • GML 9500 EQ • Avalon 2055 EQ
• Amtec EQ • EAR 822 EQ • Gyraf Audio XIV EQ
• SPL Tube Vitalizer • Pendulum OCL-2 • CraneSong STC-8
• Looptrotter Audio Engineering Monster Compressor
• BMT custom built G4000 comp.
• Lavry Engineering Blue converters
• Apogee PSX-100 reference converters
• T.C. Electronic M-5000 with MD2 option
• DAW is Magix Sequoia with DDP 2.0 option and ProTools Mix 24
• Monitoring is by Tannoy, Grado, Bryston and Accuphase
• Plextor Reference CD/DVD burner with PlexTools Error Checker
• Taiyo Yuden reference CD-R media