Mastering services

• Mix consultation (pre-mastering session)
• Mastering for CD, DVD and vinyl
• Multi-track mastering up to 24 bit - 96 kHz
• Audio editing
• File conversion to/from (Wave, SD2, BWF, AIFF ,MP3)
• Mastering to PMCD (audio) or DDP 2.0 (data)

On special request:

• Vinyl to Digital Transfer
• Audio restoration and archivisation
• DVD Authoring (more in FAQ)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
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Our customers come from all over the world. We had to consider at an early stage how to optimize our workflow. We were one of the first studios to use electronic transfer on a regular basis. Over the years this process has been improved and streamlined. Today our e-Mastering service is the most popular and most efficient way to transfer audio files. Wherever you are in the world, working with High-End Audio Grzegorz Piwkowski is always a simple, efficient and pleasant undertaking.

This is how easy e-Mastering can be:

• We discuss your project
• You upload your audio data onto our servers. (We provide you with the upload facilities)
• If required you can download approval files of the mastered tracks
• We upload mastered samples for your authorization
• A verified Production Master on reference media CD-R audio or DVD-R (DDP) will be sent via courier to you or directly to the duplication plant.

In urgent cases we can send a finished and industry standard 'DDP Image File' by electronic transfer to your duplication facility.
This last mode of cooperation is made for Sony Music Entertainment Polska sending their masters by electrornic way to their pressing plant in Germany.