Grzegorz Piwkowski

Grzegorz is a founder of the High-End Audio company and for over 15 years has been working in mastering business. His musical education was based on singing and playing drums.

Grzegorz Piwkowski
He gave up the school for the work in the recording studio. At the begining he started as an assistant in Izabelin Studio and then became the sound-engineer and co-producer.
His devotion for the perfect sound-effect made him work parallel on the mixes in recording studio and in his own mastering company - High-End Audio set in 1993.

Since 1995 his activity has been focused exlusively on mastering. He was the first who did professional mastering audio on Polish music market. Grzegorz works with majority of Polish pop and rock artists.

Working with the music is his passion, but he is also interested in conterporary art, especially the painting and the music. Jerzy Nowosielski is his favourite painter and Elliott Carter - composer. In his free time he likes sailing, savouring the taste of the wine and self made dishes. Beside sailing his favourite forms of the physical activity are hiking, cycling, swimming.

Since 2005 the Company had the new modern seat at the Plac Konstytucji (MDM) in Warsaw.