Welcome to the High End Audio mastering studio!

High-End Audio Grzegorz Piwkowski is the audio mastering studio that specializes in professional CD mastering since 1993.

We provide musicians, producers, studios and record labels worldwide with a state-of-the-art mastering service for favourable price.
From the very beginning our mission has been to fulfil artistic vision of our clients.

With 15 years of experience, perfectly treated room and carefully selected equipment we make your mix compatible with various types of audio systems and present its full potential to your audience.

Since 2005 the Company had the new modern seat at the Plac Konstytucji (MDM) in Warsaw.

Our Aadvantages:

• 18 years of experience
• Top quality gear and perfectly treated room
• Clear and flat rates, affordable to every budget
• Clear revisions policy (more in the FAQ)
• Fast, secure transfer of music files with our FTP server
• Mastering sample at request, with Album mastering order